December 2003 ::

December 15, 2003

Two years in the making

After two years of holding an associate membership, the Cincinnati Chapter of the French American Chamber of Commerce now holds full membership in the Chamber.

December 15, 2003

Newest National Board Certified Teacher !

French teacher Betsy Bunting at DuPont Manual High School (Louisville) has become the new National Board Certified Teacher. Congratulations to Betsy!

December 14, 2003

Kentucky Excellence in Teaching Awards in French

The Deadline of December 31, 2003 is fast approaching for the Kentucky Excellence in Teaching Award in French. Send your entry to

December 01, 2003

More College Students Studying Foreign Languages Than Ever Before

The Modern Language Association (MLA) survey of 2002 Foreign Language Enrollments in United States Institutions of Higher Education, Fall 2002 funded by the Department of Education found that more students are studying foreign languages than ever before and that the variety of languages being taught is greater than ever before. While Arabic, Hebrew and ASL are enjoying the largest percentage increases, the study found a 14.1% increase in Latin, 13.7% in Spanish, and 12.5% in German. Read the entire document (PDF-file)