February 2004 ::

February 26, 2004

Commission on the Abraham Lincoln Study Abroad Fellowship Program

The FY 2004 Budget that was passed by Congress in January included a provision to establish a commission to recommend a program that will expand the opportunities for students in higher education in the US to study abroad, with an emphasis placed on studying in developing countries. The proposal envisions fellowships of up to $7,000 for 500,000 students per year to study abroad for a summer or a school year. Learn more

February 19, 2004

Summer Teacher Fellowship

K-12 and community college teachers with an interest in Latin America are eligible to receive one of four $1,000.00 teacher fellowships to participate in the second session (July 2-24, 2004) of the Andes and the Amazon Summer Field School in Ecuador. Learn more

February 17, 2004

AATF Winter Workshop

Free Workshop on teaching students "la Danse". Covers core content in Arts and Humanities and Practical Living. Includes writing prompts. Pam Pennington and Maureen Motsinger will conduct the workshop at Kentucky Country Day on Saturday, February 28 from 11 AM to 1 PM. Stay for quiche afterwards if you like. RSVP to mimihagedorn@fuse.net by Feb 21.

February 16, 2004

Spread the Love of Language Learning: Photo Album

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