September 29, 2004

Sign-up Services to be down

KWLA's signup services (provided by 123Signup will be unavailable for up to 6 hours, starting Friday, October 1 at 9 PM PST.

The service interruption is a result of the planned relocation of 123Signup's servers to a new co-location facility.

During this service interruption, a page explaining that maintenance is in progress will be displayed to anyone who tries to access the 123Signup service.

After service has been restored, there is a small chance that you may encounter difficulty accessing the 123Signup Control Center. A blank page or a "Page not found" error may result if your browser is using a cached version of the 123Signup page. The cache is a collection of temporary Internet files which your browser stores on your PC or Mac. You may need to
clear the cache in order to access 123Signup.

To clear the cache in Internet Explorer 6.0:
1. Select Tools->Internet Options.
2. From the General tab, click on "Delete Files..." in the Temporary Internet files section. Click on "Clear History" button in the History section. Click the OK button.

To clear the cache in Netscape 7.2:
1. Select Edit-> Preferences.
2. Under category, double-click on Advanced, then click on Cache.
3. Click on Clear Cache then click OK.

When you have cleared the cache, restart your browser and revisit the 123Signup URL. If the problem persists, call Customer Support toll-free at 1-877-691-9951.