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February 24, 2005

U.S. Universities Offering 226 Languages for U.S. International Needs

Michigan State University’s e-LCTL Initiative has released these data in a major new website inventorying the nation’s capacity in the diverse “less commonly taught languages” (LCTLs) in both universities and government training institutes. For 2001-02, the report reveals that more than 30,000 students enrolled in 128 LCTLs in these 55 universities in 27 states, in centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Title VI international education programs. This long-lasting partnership between the Federal government and these U.S. universities has created an unparalleled capacity to teach both foreign languages and “area studies” about societies around the world - covering all continents. Indeed, for the past decade, the study estimates more than 80% of all instruction in these less commonly taught languages – was in these Title VI-supported centers – excluding the “commonly-taught” languages of French, Spanish, German, and Italian. Visit the e-LCTL Initiative web site →

February 16, 2005

Spreading the love for "The Year of Languages"

About 50 high-school students and their teachers helped promote "The Year of Languages" during a Valentine's Day event at Newport on the Levee in Northern Kentucky. The teachers and their students passed out Spanish language conversation hearts and informed passersby about the importance of world language learning. The Cincinnati Enquirer (Kentucky Edition) reported on the event, organized by Newport High School Spanish teacher, Adriana Melnyk, on Wednesday, February 16. "Armed with candy hearts and a smattering of Spanish, about 50 high-schoolers swarmed around Newport on the Levee this week. Their assignment: Pass out the hearts. Explain how great it is to learn another language. And do it all in Spanish." Download entire article (PDF) → View Photo Gallery →

February 15, 2005

Lexington language teachers promote "The Year of Languages"

237 Lexington lunch-goers were asked “What time is it?” in Spanish, French, German and Russian on Tuesday, February 15. The results indicate the average Lexingtonian needs more language skills to support the city’s position on the world stage. The surprise sidewalk "Pop Quiz" was conducted by more than a dozen of the more than 100 world language teachers and teaching assistants at the University of Kentucky.
The results were: 118 passers-by did not respond at all to the question. 104 responded, politely, in English. Sometimes with comprehension. 14 people responded accurately in the correct language.
The Lexington-Herald Leader and WLEX 18 reported on this language ambush. Read the online Lexington Herald-Leader article → Download article from the paper (PDF) → View the WLEX 18 video coverage → (Windows Media Player: large file!)

February 11, 2005

Festival Update: 02/11/05

The Latin Literary Recitation Texts can now be downloaded right here on the KWLA web site. Download Latin Literary Texts →

February 09, 2005

JCPS Superintendent Goes "Inside the Issue"

JCPSlogo.gif Stephen Daeschner, Superintendent for the Jefferson Public Schools, publishes his thoughts on world language education in this month's issue of "Inside the Issue."

World Languages offer an excellent means of bridging social, cultural, economic, and political gaps.

Download entire article →

February 08, 2005

Professional Development for French P-12 teachers

Announcing an exciting opportunity for P-12 French instructors outside of Jefferson County to take part in a year-long series of professional development activities organized by Western Kentucky University and funded by a Council on Postsecondary Education "Improving Educator Quality" grant. The program includes two weeks in France in summer 2005. Apply quickly; deadline is February 18.

Download Invitation: PDF → | Word → Download Program and Application: PDF → | Word →

February 07, 2005

World Language Sessions at KTLC 2005

KTLClogo2005-3.gifThe Kentucky International Convention Center (KICC), the Hyatt Regency Hotel and the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, will provide the setting for the 2005 Kentucky Teaching and Learning Conference, March 3-5. Pre-registration ends on February 14 and information along with other conference information can be found at www.kentuckytlc.org. There are several sessions on World Language and International Education scheduled. Learn more »