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October 30, 2005

High School World Language Requirement Proposed

At its October meeting, the Kentucky State Board of Education received a proposal to change High School Graduation Requirements beginning with the class of 2010. Part of the proposal is the inclusion of a world language requirement that would make Kentucky a leader in world language education in the country. The proposal would require students to "demonstrate proficiency in understanding and communicating in a second language." The Courier-Journal reports on the raised gradution requirements in its October 30th edition:

State officials say they are aware of the lack of foreign-language teachers and are working to deal with it. In 2000, the state went online with KET, in part to increase access to foreign-language classes.
Kentucky also has agreements with Spain, France and Germany to allow teachers from those countries to come to teach in the state. Right now, 26 are working in Kentucky.
And Phillip Rogers, executive director of the Education Professional Standards Board that certifies teachers in Kentucky, said the board is seeing more college students at the state's colleges and universities interested in becoming foreign-language teachers. "There is a shortage, but the pipeline seems to be improving," he said.

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October 15, 2005

Classes in Chinese Grow

The New York Times report on the growing number of Chinese Language Programs across the country:

"Many Americans are beginning to realize the importance of speaking Chinese," Zhu Hongqing, consul at the Chinese Education Consulate here, said. "We need to provide as much powerful support as we can." The number of Chinese language programs around the country, from elementary school through adult programs, has tripled in 10 years, said Scott McGinnis, an academic adviser at the Defense Language Institute in Washington.

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October 06, 2005

2005 Outstanding Teacher Award Recipients

The Kentucky World Language Association (KWLA) is proud to announce that German Professor Linda S. Pickle of the Western Kentucky University is the 2005 winner of its prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. The KWLA also announces winners of its annual Outstanding Teacher and Administrator Awards. Learn more »