Get Involved during The Year of Languages

As your state world language association, one of KWLA's primary goals is to ensure that policy-makers from Kentucky to Washington D.C. remain aware of current world language issues and the increasing importance of world language education to our global society and economy.

You can help make sure public policy is favorable to world language education in Kentucky by staying informed, getting involved and speaking out!

How You Can Help:

  • Option 1: Send an E-mail or Letter!
    A good first step is to send an email message or write a letter. Any teacher, parent, student or community member can go a long way for promoting changes in Kentucky's World Language Learning by sharing important world language information and personal views with legislators, state board of education members and other policy makers. We'll give you their contact information, if you write the letter.
  • Option 2: Call a Legislator!
    If you know a legislator, state or local school board member, or members of other important groups such as the Prichard Committee, P-16 Council, Council of School Partners, etc., give them a call or when you run into them, mention the need for changes in WL learning in Kentucky. Then follow up with a written message stating the facts, so they won't forget.
  • Option 3: Contact the Media!
    Let the media know in advance when your students are doing something that is newsworthy and that promotes world language learning. It often helps to designate a student publicity coordinator. If you need help writing a press release contact Thomas Sauer at
  • Option 4: Join the KWLA Advocacy Team
    If you are interested in participating, or if you have a world language issue you think KWLA needs to know about, please contact the Advocacy Chair, Sarah Moran, or the President, Gregory Fulkerson.