2008 Fall Conference: Workshops

September 25 - 27, Radisson Plaza Lexington

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WORKSHOP 001: Beginning Teacher Workshop
Thursday, September 25, 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Presenter: Sharon Mattingly, Barren County High School & Megan Iranpour, Lexington Catholic High School
This workshop provides opportunities for communication among world language teachers new to the profession. Sample topics include, but are not limited to, expectations and realities in the world language classroom, clarifying one's "message," professional development and travel opportunities for language teachers, and issues facing beginning world language educators. Opportunities for brainstorming and idea sharing will be provided. All beginning teachers are encouraged to attend.

WORKSHOP 002: Building Self-Assessments through Slide Shows
Thursday, September 25, 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Presenter: Patrick McCarthy, Campbell County High School
Participants will create simple but attention-grabbing PowerPoint presentations that draw their students willingly into review and self-assessment. Introducing a multimedia environment similar to instructional websites and educational video games, the instructor discusses options for designing and creating interactive slide shows similar to electronic picture books. Non-linear slides filled with hyperlinks will allow students to choose which subject-rich screens to explore next, followed by self-led quizzes with immediate sounds and visual feedback. Correct choices would continue the assessment; incorrect answers would provide students with more playful study. This workshop is geared towards educators already comfortable with a mouse and familiar with the basics of PowerPoint. Participants may saved or email "completed" files.

WORKSHOP 003: From Talk to Tech: Twenty Standards-Based Activities to Use in Thematic Units
Friday, September 26, 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Presenter: Janet Glass, ACTFL Teacher of the Year
Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field. ACTFL Teacher of the Year, Janet Glass, will be leading this workshop designed for K-8 teacher and beyond. In the context of thematic units, the presenter will demonstrate 20 different activities. The modes of communication and culture, content-related and task-based instruction, TPR and adapted TPRS will be featured along with the use of technology in assessment. This participatory workshop will be in English with examples in Spanish.

WORKSHOP 004: Plug them in! Hands-on Technology Projects for the Modern Classroom
Friday, September 26, 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Presenters: Tracy Lambert & Stephanie Lester, Lafayette High School
Have you come unplugged when it comes to using technology in the classroom? Are time, lack of experience, lack of hardware, or just a need for new ideas keeping you from using technology to enhance student learning? In this workshop, presenters will introduce you to new ways that you can use wikis, websites, blogs, and podcasts to teach your students and as an assessment tool. Participants will leave with a multimedia wiki, website, and blog ready to start using Monday morning.

WORKSHOP 005: Mapping the Road to Competency
Friday, September 26, 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Presenter: Jacque Bott van Houten, Kentucky Department of Education
This workshop will involve participants in an effort to refocus student learning toward performance in order to meet the State Board of Education's goal of a 2016 FL competency (novice high) graduation requirement. Topics addressed will be: KY FL standards, backward design, integrated performance assessments, LinguaFolio, and formative assessment and summative assessment.

WORKSHOP 006: Proficiency in Kentucky
Friday, September 26, 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Presenters: Randy Barrett, Menifee County High School & Thomas Sauer, Jefferson County Public Schools
TBA By invitation only.

WORKSHOP 007: Differentiated Instruction to Support and Challenge 21st Century Learners
Saturday, September 27, 01:30 PM - 04:30 PM

Presenter: Toni Theisen, Keynote Speaker
Our 21st century learners need a multi-sensory and multi-layered learning environment that is designed to inspire creativity, synthesis, and collaboration, as well as provide opportunities to analyze, reflect and evaluate. But how do we reach all of our 21st century students? Participants will review the research and explore the concepts of differentiated instruction as well as experience strategies such as choice boards, RAFT writing activities and tiered lessons. Participants will then examine and design activities that apply higher level questioning techniques. Finally participants will take a look at tools that makes learning come alive for our 21st century digital learners.

WORKSHOP 008: Bus Bodies Don't Throw Chairs: Engaging Learners More of the Time
Saturday, September 27, 01:30 PM - 04:30 PM

Presenters: Chris Luke, Ball State University & Patricia Hanna, Sycamore School (IN)
There are three primary themes in this workshop: (1) increasing learner engagement, (2) fostering learner autonomy and responsibility, and (3) encouraging active self-reflection for teachers. These themes will be explored in four mini-sessions focusing on games, technology, methods, and assessment. The mini-sessions are: Changing the Way the Games are Played: The Price is Wrong; Teaching with Technology: Resistance is Futile; Unlearning What We Have Learned: Methods Madness; Assessing Assessment: No. 2 Pencil NOT Needed.

WORKSHOP 009: Classroom Management for the TPRS Classroom
Saturday, September 27, 01:30 PM - 04:30 PM

Presenters: Sarah Moran, St. Francis High School & Donna Tatum-John, Kentucky Country Day School
So you're using TPRS and just can't figure out how some of your "old" organizational models fit with the demands of a TPRS classroom? Have you found something that works especially well with your students in a TPRS classroom? This workshop will address classroom management techniques used successfully by TPRS teachers around the world: homework, assessment, grading, reading, class participation, student motivation, and more. Handouts will be provided.

WORKSHOP 010: Smartboard Basics for the World Language Class
Saturday, September 27, 01:30 PM - 04:30 PM

Presenters: Julie Smith, Barren County High School & Nadine Jacobsen, Dunn Elementary School
Presenters will share examples of effective hands-on activities, digital storytelling, and student projects. Participants will learn how to use smartboard tools, how to enhance presentations traditionally viewed on a computer, and how to integrate websites, video, and textbook CD Roms. Time will be allotted to begin designing individual projects. Come prepared with a blank CD or flashdrive (preferred). Appropriate for P-12 educators.

WORKSHOP 011: Web 2.0 for Connectivity, Choice, and Participation
Saturday, September 27, 01:30 PM - 04:30 PM

Presenters: John Krueger, Kentucky Educational Television
The web offers all kinds of free tools that can help teachers elude the contraints of the classroom, instill a sense of community between learners, and encourage student choice and participation. During this interactive workshop we will profile many of the platforms that KET has been implementing in its distance-learning German program: wikis, blogs, podcasts, web-based slide shows, video, and more. Hands-on examples of applications for pedagogy and performance-based assessment will be provided.

WORKSHOP 012: The Paleography of Latin Manuscripts
Date: TBA

Presenters: Jennifer Tunberg, University of Kentucky
This session will introduce participants to the evolution of script in Latin manuscripts. After looking at examples of some of the scripts of Antiquity, participants will consider the early medieval script called Carolingian Minuscule and assess its debt to the handwriting of Antiquity. Examples of Latin book hands from the later Middle Ages, for example, the 'textualis' and cursive scripts, will also be briefly reviewed. The discussion shall finish by looking at Humanistic Minuscule and its debt to Carolingian Minuscule. After viewing a brief video featuring Donald Jackson, a celebrated British calligrapher, who demonstrates how illuminated initials in medieval manuscripts were written and decorated, participants will visit Special Collections at the University of Kentucky to look at a few of the medieval Latin manuscripts kept there.