Regional Festival Registration

Teachers who wish to send students to compete at a Regional Festival must send in the appropriate registration forms and fees for each student to the Regional Director. Contact your Regional Director for mailing deadlines and fees. NOTE: Some regional festivals may use different forms. Be sure to check with your Regional Director.

Registration Fees
Registration Forms: Academic Categories
Registration Forms: Non-Academic Categories
2007 Latin Literary Recitation Texts

Registration Fees:

Some regional festivals may have different fees. Please check with your Regional Director.

Regional festival:
$ 3.00 per individual entry
$ 6.00 ($4.00 per student) per group of 2
$ 9.00 for groups of 3 or more, drama and chorus

($1.00 from each individual entry, $2.00 from each group entry from all regional festivals will be returned to KWLA for administrative expenses.

Registration Forms (Academic Categories):

Recitation of a Literary Passage Word PDF
Extemporaneous Prose Reading Word PDF
Latin Literary Recitation Word PDF
Oral Proficiency Word PDF
Drama Word PDF
Listening Proficiency Word PDF
Grammar/Vocabulary Word PDF
Latin Culture/History Word PDF
Latin Derivatives and Vocabulary Word PDF
Construction Model (Group) Word PDF
Construction Model (Individual) Word PDF

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Registration Forms (Non-Academic Categories):

Frameable Art Word PDF
Realia Word PDF
Videos Word PDF
Games Word PDF
Costumes Word PDF
Chorus Word PDF
Folk Dancing Word PDF

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2007 Latin Literary Recitation Texts:

Upper 1 Word
Upper 2 Word
Upper 3 Word
Upper 4 Word
Upper 5 Word

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Festival Forms are posted as a downloadable .doc or .pdf document. If have Microsoft Word or Adobe's Acrobat Reader, you may download the forms by simply clicking the appropriate link. If this does not work, you may need to click and hold (Mac) or right click on the link (PC), then choose Download to Disk, Save Target As..., or the equivalent.

If you do not have Adobe's Acrobat Reader, you may download it for FREE by clicking the following link: