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Please welcome Lucas Gravitt, first-year German teacher at Scott County High School to the Kentucky World Language Association. Over the next twelve months, Lucas will chronicle his accomplishments and challenges with hopes that other first-year teachers may learn from his experiences. You are welcome to comment on any and all of his posts. Lucas is looking forward to learn from the many experiences that his fellow KWLA members have.

Snow Days!

Is it just me or are snow days a gift from God (above or below, he or she)? It is like some spirit is looking down on me saying, "Lucas, you need another day..." Well thank you! I hope those of you who too are out today are enjoying and being productive, and those of you in today - best wishes.

It seems as though I can never get caught up without snow days. My grading is a bit behind, the KDE is coming (supposed to today...) next week to take some pictures of my classroom for the Kentucky Teacher magazine, I agreeded to do an interview regarding our Literacy Coach, and KTIP Cycle II is in full swing - not to even mention the battle I am in with the AP Board. Everyone knows a new teacher has limited resources...I had no intention of changing up the German program all at once - perhaps in 4 years - but not now. Well our AP friends say that the book that I have (not my choice) is never going to be approved. Great! So far today - in the 4 hours I have been awake (I did have to take a little nap after I saw that we were out today...) I have successfully completed updates on KTIP Cycle II materials. This took a little bit of time, because I have finished the special needs section, and the leadership section.

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Nearing the End

Dearest Blog Readers:
I am incredibly sorry that I have not written in so long. As I previously mentioned before – I have gotten into a groove. This is a good groove – I finally feel like a real teacher (even though the ladies in the cafeteria at school still try to charge me $2.25 instead of $3….What’s your number hun?). I have successfully completed KTIP Cycle I – and my high ed person quit. Yes – he quit. Well I don’t know that for a fact, but he is no longer doing KTIP. I have been reassigned. I hope it wasn’t something I did. I received a majority score of 3 – which is all I need to do to ensure another successful cycle! This KTIP thing is a breeze. I don’t even know where to continue…Oh this is good!!! Every Friday I send out Herr Gravitt’s Deutsche Zeitung – this is an informal email newsletter that highlights the positives from each of my classes the previous week. This is a great way for me to rethink my weeks – plus it give the opportunity for parents to see what it is their children are doing at school. I include a “Learn German” section and a “German Website” section. I receive great feedback from the parents and even the students about these! Surprisingly I was featured in my principals “Morning Messages” (his version of my enote sent every morning) email. He and all of the administration are very happy to see the connection to the parents. I have shared my secret with several teachers now – some new, some not new. I believe I am in a stage of re-invigoration. I have new ideas coming to mind – and I am getting excited about teaching (not that I ever wasn’t actually). This year the Foreign Language Department (Yes I know…foreign suggests something odd and strange…I can’t convince these people to change the name yet) is putting on a Foreign Language Christmas Concert. Each language has 5 minutes to sing or dance or talk about their culture’s Christmas or other winter holiday. Then this Saturday we (Germans and Japanese) are singing in the Georgetown Christmas Parade. We are extremely pumped – and I am excited to take our language skills to the community and show this town what we having going on at the High School. I know Germans aren’t big on carrying the flag – but by golly – I have student fighting over who will carry the flags! Also – the three German exchange students are incredibly excited to walk with us and sing. After the parade I am treating the students to a pizza dinner at the College (all centrally location – connections are great!). The following week – we are taking our choirs to the three middle schools in our county. We will put on a Christmas concert at each school to let the younger students know about languages! We are hoping to have also an informational something toward scheduling. I hope you all have had a nice fall – and enjoy winter as well – I will be writing more soon – but this is all for now (I must do laundry and clean!!!). Enjoy the holidays (and don’t get frustrated when trying to go to Wal-Mart for shampoo and the three million shoppers prohibit you from doing so).
Mit freundlichen Gruß,

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Greetings - Pre Conference Chat

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The anticipation is growing as we prepare for Oktoberfest. Our celebration will last two days - day one being an outdoor festival type day with soccer, football, frisbee, and sack races - day two being indoors with German food.

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Wow - I feel good!

For the strangest most unknown reason - I have a new passion for teaching. The long holiday break - plus me catching a horrible illness (out for one day) - has made me excited!

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