Enjoy free casino games without downloading

By 22 January 2021

You can play your favourite casino game without actually installing them on your mobile device, tablet or desktop. There is no need to set aside any space for that online slot that you are fond of. Create your account at https://www.new-zealand-onlinecasino.com .

Downloadable casino games

You need software such as Flash or Shockwave on your device to play these games. All you need to do is type the URL of the casino in the search bar and click ENTER. You should have a good browser too.

Playing games on mobile

Playing games on your mobile device is a lot easier than on desktop. Take your device anywhere, log in and simply play the game. The game area will match your screen size and you won't miss any crucial information.

Responsive online casinos

These days, casinos have responsive websites. This means, the casino website adjusts to your mobile screen. There won't be any pop ups, ads etc. to ruin your play. It is just your game and you, nobody else.

  • Don't play games on your mobile while driving
  • Avoid sites that ask for your money while creating your account


How to play online roulette?

Roulette is often called King of the casino. Many gambling websites let you play this game for free. It is table based game where players lay bets on the numbers on which the ball will fall and rest.

In European roulette, the wheel is divided into 37 sections ( 0 to 36), while in the American version, there is an additional slot for a double 0 ( 00). All the slots are arranged randomly. 0 and 00 are coloured green.

Kinds of bets in Roulette

Numbers 1 to 36 are coloured in black or red. Players can wager on individual numbers ( Inside bets) or number combinations ( Outside bets). The latter include High/ Low, Odd/ Even, Black/ Red, Dozen, and Column combinations. Inside best have lower odds.

Online roulette betting strategies

In Martingale strategy, you bet either on black or red numbers and continue doubling your bet until you recover your losses and post a profit. In Fibonacci strategy, your betting series would be like 1,1,2,3,5,8,13, and so on.

  • Adopt a strategy that suits your temperament
  • Be flexible with your strategies

Payout potential of Roulette bets

Though you are playing this game for free, please note that Inside bets pay out much more than Outside bets. The maximum any real money player can aspire to win is 35:1. The least is 1:1 on an Outside bet.

How to play online slots?

To win an online slot, you need to land a few similar symbols on a payline. There are two kinds of slots-Classic and Video and winning either of them involves landing similar symbols. Classic slots are marked by fruits, candies ,etc.

Classic versus Video slots

Most classic slots have 3 reels unlike the video ones that have more than 5. Low paying symbols in Classic slots are apples, cherries, grapes, oranges, bananas, etc. High paying icons could be 7s, bars, bells, whistles, etc.

Low value icons in video slots are Ace, Jack, etc. High value symbols vary from one game to another. They depend upon the theme of the slot. The highest paying symbol in a music themed video slot could be a guitar.

What are Wilds and Scatters?

Some slots have special symbols called Wilds. These help in making up a winning combination on a payline. There are three kinds of Wilds- Walking, Expanding, and Sticky Wilds. Find out about Wilds by looking at the pay table.

Scatters are rare symbols and are useful for unlocking free spins, bonus symbols and rounds. In paid money games, Scatters can also award you payouts; this money is separate from from winning symbols. Another symbol to look out for is Multipliers.

  • Play your slot after choosing the number of spins
  • Manual and Autoplay modes are available

Slots can also be classified according to their Return to Percentage. This metric tells us whether a slot is attractive to play or not. High RTP slots are likely to pay you more than low or medium value ones.

How to play blackjack and bingo?

Blackjack and bongo are card-based games. In the former, the player has to beat the dealer by having a hand total of 21 or less. If the player's total exceeds 21, he goes bust. In Blackjack, Face cards are valued at 10.

Numbered cards such as 2,3 are valued according to the numbers printed on them. Ace is either 11 or 1. It becomes 1 when the hand including the Ace crosses 21. Nattural blackjack is when a hand has a 10 and Ace.

Bingo is also a card based game and is played on Bingo Cards. There are some numbers printed on those cards and the aim of the players is to get the right number combinations. Bingo is great for making friends online.