The Complete Guide to Keno

By 22 January 2021

Keno is a pretty old game that is played by many. The game shares similar gameplay with the likes of lotteries and bingo, and it also gives players a chance to win huge sometimes. Mere looking at a keno game in action, you may think that it is a complex game. However, it is not. You can learn how to play keno as a beginner within minutes and also get familiar with all the basic rules. This article is dedicated to explaining the gameplay of keno as well as the important things you should know about the game. You can visit to read reviews of online casinos.

Understanding Keno Gameplay

Keno is regarded as a luck game that does not involve any kind of skill. This means that you don't really need any skill to play the game other than the passion to play and win from it. To get started playing the game, the first step is to buy a ticket. A keno ticket is sold by the casino featuring the game. If you are playing keno online, you can just load the game and you will instantly be presented the card. The objective of a keno game is to guess which numbers will be chosen by the dealer and mark it on the card prior to the selection.


Understanding the Keno Card Layout

A keno card or ticket is just like an advanced lottery ticket. It usually consists of 1 to 80 numbers. A few version of keno may have more than 80 numbers but it will be displayed on the card. Once you receive the keno card, you are to mark your lucky numbers on it. Depending on what the rule of the game is, you may be allowed to mark only 10 numbers. However, there are other keno versions available online that allows players to mark 20 numbers maximum. You can check the rules of the game in the info menu to know the limit to the numbers you can mark.

The Raffle Round

After you've marked your lucky numbers on the card, the next phase of the game is the raffle round. In this round, the dealer or anchor of the game will simply select some numbers in the form of a raffle. In the online version, the selection is handled automatically by the computer. There is also a limit to how many numbers the dealer can select from the raffle pot. If after the selection, you are lucky enough and your numbers were selected, then you have won. You will be paid based on how many of your numbers were selected as well as the overall numbers marked.

Play Keno For Free at Top Casinos

We've gone through the gameplay of keno in this article, and we hope that you understand how the game is played. Nevertheless, you can truly get familiar with the game unless you play it yourself. For this reason, we recommend that you should try to play the demo version of keno at some of our suggested online casinos. Playing free means that you won't need to bet your money on the game and as a result, you will have enough time to practice and learn all the moves and rules of the game. Once you are familiar with the gameplay, you can then play real money keno.